Don’t let the Good Times get you down!


Hello Everyone,

 I am pleased to announce that a new facebook group as started this week in Bradford. It’s called the Bradford Social Networking Association!

 The Bradford Social Networking Association seeks to increase the social presence of all stakeholders in our community – the people who live here, business owners, members of council, and any stakeholder at large that has a keen interest in making our community better.

 This group is to develop the social fabric of the town. The idea is to not just type messages back and forth endlessly. Who has time for ranting anyway? The objective is to actually meet your neighbours through networked events that occur about once a month. With this objective, an event is scheduled for May 31st at the Mexicanada Restaurant called “Tequila Fridays”. The association hopes to encourage social interactions with friendships in the community meant to last a lifetime! If you visit the La MexiCanada web site, they feature an article written by the Toronto Sun newspaper called “Authentic Mexican in Bradford… si”. As a side note, it’s amazing how many people know of this little restaurant! I think it’s almost become a sort of a landmark for the town. Feel free to check them out at The food is amazing, but it’s the drinks we are after! Anyone wish to order a Tequila Sunrise or a Tequila Rose?

 The group’s brainchildren so to speak have been Giuseppe Strazzeri (I just call him G.. it’s easier and neater lol) and I. We both aim to make broad, positive changes for the better in Bradford and we welcome all those who wish to join us! Munawar Chaudry has also hopped on board and I look forward to working with him. G’s got the creative juices flowing, this man’s on fire! J

 So far, the group has received some very positive feedback from the community. The discussions I have been involved with so far have been with respect to introductions from people all over town. One such introduction was when I was introduced to Marcia Talbot. Marcia had shared her background, and I was simply amazed! Others shared what businesses they are involved in. I immediately thought for such a small town, we have so much talent! Seriously – we have small business owners from all walks of life doing all sorts of things… impressive!!

The key with any new initiative is the ability to provide differentiation. The group is not a “me too” type group. Key strategies are being put in place to how the group is different than others. Can’t share more information about this as of yet – it’s a secret! Lol

 If you wish to join the group, please log into facebook and type “Bradford Social Networking Association”. It’s a closed group, so you will ask for permission to join. One of the admins will approve your request.

 Since this is a blog after all, I would like to ask all of you reading this a simple question. Is social media a forum where you can actually meet people in person that share common interests?



  1. Great Blog Carlos, look forward to reading more…Social Media is a great way to connect with those that you would never imagine you would meet let alone converse. The possibilities are endless. Years before everyone had difficulty accessing information today you can ask any question and someone will give you an honest answer LOL good or bad or at least direct you to someone that may know the answer. There is no limits with Social media

    1. Totally agree with you G. If it was not for social media, I would not know as many people as I do. The advice as well and info now available is amazing!@

  2. My phone is always in my pocket, so I always connected. How much time I actually sit at my computer is a totally different story. That happens more when I am editing photos. I take breaks to check my Facebook out.

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