GTA avoids terrorist attack

Bradford Cares has learned this afternoon that an imminent terror attack could have been carried out on a VIA rail train from Toronto to New York. Many Bradford residents take VIA rail to Toronto’s union station to other places across Canada and the United States by train.

Two suspects have been arrested and are scheduled to be in court tomorrow morning at city hall. After the Boston terrorist attack recently, many residents were already concerned of terrorist threats back on the attack yet again. But in Canada, at least in my opinion, could never think an attack could ever happen to a peaceful nation like us. What did we do to cause this? We aren’t at war with any nation. We are a peaceful, loving nation.

I do want to thank all the authorities that kept us from this attack. I am concerned however that Canada has become a target for such attacks. The world is no longer a safe place, even for us just trying to get from point A to point B to make a living.



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