Cold chill does not damper spirits

Arctic like weather still holds onto Bradford at full force on April 2nd. We have seen snow on the ground with huge winds blowing in the air. People are avoiding going outside because the weather is just not very good at the moment.

Yes this is Canada, but this kind of cold weather in southern Ontario is somewhat unusual. We have been spooled over the past several seasons with very warm weather. Still, our winter wasn’t that BAD! We have had far worse but have also had far better. I remember growing up in Toronto and watching Blue Jay baseball games when they played at Exhibition stadium, an outdoor ball park. The first opening day was littered with snow on the field that needed clearing before the game started.

I personally have enjoyed the cold winter. I enjoyed looking out my porch to find children playing hockey on a sheet of ice. The ice was a pond that froze over. I thought, how Canadian. I think most of our elite hockey players must have started this way early in life. Unorganized hockey I think every child in our country should experience.

Nonetheless, winter has not left us yet. We warm up when we are out and about at the local Tim Horton’s, our local coffee and bake shop. We take our coffee to the ice rink.

Spring has not sprung. Old man winter is still here. And that’s not a bad thing when you live in a country as wonderful as Canada. We are small town Canada. Welcome to Bradford West Gwillmbury Ontario, CANADA!! :))


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