Fire destroys barn for under privileged children Donations needed!!!

A massive fire in Bradford has burned down a barn used to help under privileged children here locally in town.

The barn contained thirty horses and three dogs. The horses have been saved, however three dogs died in the fire. I saw the fire burning from highway 88, with smoke visible for many kilometers away.

As per the local article written about the fire, Perfectly Stable was built upon this belief: first that children need a special place, a place that fosters responsibility, independance and accountability, the building blocks of progressive development. Second there must be a level playing field for all children regardless of station, situation or challenge. Third that financially horses should not be an unobtainable dream for so many children and their families. We are Perfectly Stable Farms and this is where horse dreams really do come true”.

Perfectly Stable is in need of equipment and money to help them service under privileged children once again. The horses have survived, but they have no shelter.

I am writing this post because we care at Bradford Cares. The article mentions to pass along any communication to our community and beyond which is what I am doing.

So, please if you can, donate to help Perfectly Stable to help the children once again. Thank you.

Perfectly Stable Barns Donation link

link to article



  1. The barn that burned down belonged to J Mor Farms… Not Perfectly Stable. Perfectly Stable was just renting space from J Mor Farms. Any donations should be going to them! And I could be wrong but isn’t this fraud.

    1. Thanks for the info. I don’t think this is fraud at all. The information I am referencing never said if they owned or rented. The barn they were using DID in fact burn down.

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