Local Transit Rollout Puzzling

Bradford West Gwillimbury has made a bold move – to implement local transit service, a first for our community.

The town has decided to purchase two buses and hiring a private operator to service and maintain the fleet. The procurement issue, we shall leave aside as I don’t feel they should have approached it this way, but this is a topic for another time.

The implementation of service delivery is the real issue. The service does target single moms and seniors. But a major market is the students
as well as the commuters at the GO Train station who wait service. A major potencial customer missed in the initial implementation.

I would argue that the commuters are going out of town to work, don’t you think the town should have provided them an option to get to and from work? Leduc said that that the town in terms of transit finally getting a service. A plan was in place to include a shared taxi service, but fell through the cracks.

Another market missed completely is the local elementary and high school students not serviced through school busing. This initial implementation will not help them, either.

The time is also not helpful – 9am to 5pm. Very limited. It’s no wonder the town is only expecting 4 passengers per hour to hop on the bus! And the looping service and where and what times the service will be provided, is still a question not addressed. And how about where the residents are expected to wait? I don’t see any documentation about bus stops as part of the implementation. Perhaps this information is to be released at a later time.

I’m not trying to be critical of the town here – in fact they should be congradulated for thinking of our residence and their transportation needs. My concern is the initial implementation being labled as a ” pilot project” that if not successful, will be an excluse to cancel the service.
Unfortunately, my opinion is that the initial rollout as a very high problability of failure.

In addition, there isn’t any information at the possible fare price, if there will be a monthly pass available, etc.

How do you feel? Will you be able to take advantage of the service?



  1. Privately owned attempts to run a bus service in Innisfil were never successful because of limited routes and service hours. I’m sure BWG’s plans will be closely watched. Good luck!

  2. It’s a start and we have to start somewhere. Please, don’t expect everything all at once, especially in this case. I’m sure at we get closer to the initial rollout, fares will be announced and time scheduling as well. I am really getting tired of these negative thinkers and anal comments.

    1. Dear LongTime Bradford Resident,
      Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment. Your right, perhaps the details of the implementation plan are forthcoming. The implementation plan would detail schedules, fares etc. I recall when other transit systems were being implemented, they had a web site to tell its customers what service they should expect. From my personal perspective, I have to be honest because I am disappointed. I don’t know how a transit system could operate without considering commuters, which is why i said the rollout was puzzling.
      But overall, I am hopeful transit will be able to service at least some of the needs in our community, and make Bradford a better place to live.

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