Corporate Blog Musings

Just reviewed a great article on the Globe and Mail web site about mastering the art of the corporate blog. The article talked about how corporate blogs have increased after experiencing declines for the past several years.

The theme was not just to optimize search but to write valuable content where the reader keeps coming back. Educating the customer by posting how to videos in a non generic way was one example that really made sense.

I have noticed local corporate blogs here in use, but not as much as I would have thought. Even when a local company has a local blog, I find it is not updated for very long periods of time. I always thought of my blog as a tool to build community relationships with the members of my town, but also to increase the profile of my community all over the world. Although not representative, I find the local corporate blogs lacking in the area of relationship building.

My reasons for the operating of this blog is not to make money. It’s a hobby, something I like to do that allows me to do some creative writing while helping others.

The article points out that good corporate blogs also communicate company culture well. From what I have seen, local blogs are missing what the values they would like to communicate to us is. For example, if you are a local real estate agent, do you push your properties? Or do you try to tell your readers about you and your personality? In my opinion, it’s both. Bradford Cares tries to communicate content as well as the values I wish to convey to the community. I call it relationship building.

For those write blogs, are you trying to build a relationship with your readers?


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