Show your courage..participate!


I came across a great article in the Globe and Mail about a young MBA student who was shy. Shy in the sense he found it difficult to participate in class. His written work was excellent, yet the verbal communication side of the equation was definitely lacking. The student enrolled in a course where participation was 20%, a percent that this particular student found too high for his liking. Instead of dropping the course, the young student elected to talk to his professor in regards to improving his communication skills. The professor responded and thanked the student for his courage and inner strength.

Business leaders today, as well as those in our community I feel are facing the same dilemma. We have people full of ideas, and aspirations of what our community should be like. I’ve also noticed some people tend to trend on the political side, meaning i see them as a shadow cabinet. They comment on the current affairs of the municipality. But at least they are participating!

I remember a similar situation I was in just like the MBA student I commented on. I didn’t want to raise my hand in class. I had a fear of being shot down. Then I realized that if I just tried and participated that I could not possibly fail. Why? Because anyone who has the courage to speak their mind while doing a good deed never fails!

Our community needs more people like the young MBA student. We need members of our town to speak up in really positive ways on how we can make our community a better place to live. We need the young, the not so young, women, men and everyone from all religious and cultural backgrounds to step in the spotlight and start participating!

I’ve noticed that our Canadian culture keeps us shy. I envy our American neighbours who speak up for what they believe in. I think we need to borrow some of their courage and use it to strengthen our own community! For our American friends reading this post, how do you contribute to your communities?

How do you feel about participating in a positive way to help our community?



  1. By chance, I just finished reading about a meeting to be held this weekend in Bradford sponsored by Aware Simcoe on the topic, A Vision for Simcoe County: an Alternative to Unsustainable Growth and Higher Taxes. Here’s the perfect opportunity to voice your ideas about how to create the ideal community. “AWARE Simcoe growth committee members Bill French and Bernard Pope will present the group’s vision for Simcoe County.”
    Saturday March 23-2013, 9:30 a.m.-noon
    St. John’s Presbyterian Church, 2940 10th Sideroad, Bradford
    Visit for more information.

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