Paralympian delivers message of hope to elementary children

Last week, a Paraplympian spoke to students of a local elementary school. Tyler Miller is a member of Canada’s gold medal wheelchair basketball team at the London games.
Tyler in the media article described how he was injured and the process of enrolling in sports to really save his life. Tyler was fully able bodied before his accident left him without use of his lower limbs and confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Instead of giving up on life, Tyler decided to start playing wheelchair basketball. He started playing on a junior team with fifteen year olds. Tyler was in his early twenties. He worked really hard and was able to make the men’s team that qualified for London. Tyler. He ended up assisting his to team win a gold medal.

Tyler did not come to town to show off his medal. He came to visit to tell the children to never give up, regardless of what happens in life. Tyler had a major setback with his injury but changed his circumstances to end up becoming a gold medalist and a role model for children across Canada.

Tyler’s story is one of courage, but is not unique. All of us have been dealt set backs in our lives. It’s how we deal with the setback that allows us to overcome and rejoin our community.

My message to all of you is when life gives you lemons, you made lemonade!

Bradford Times Article


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  1. Staying positive no matter what is going on in your live goes a long way to making you happy. “Sometimes, we just need to be amazed by small the small things.”

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