Carley Allison – Inspiring & Positive

It’s been a while since I have posted anything that I have written here at Bradford Cares. With so many interesting people in our community and their stories of challenge and triumph, I thought I could just coast on their coat tails so to speak.

 However, while searching within myself to find a story I would like to share, I found a story about a very inspirational woman who is facing real challenges. Stumbling across a story in the Toronto Star, I found a touching and inspiring story about a teenager named Carley Allison.

 Carley Allison’s story is inspiring because she is going public with her discovery and treatment of a rare form of cancer. The cancer is malignant melanoma on her trachea, which she is undergoing surgery at the Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto to have her tumor removed. Following surgery, Carley Allison will undergo radiation therapy for at least ten days.

 What makes her story so inspiring is despite her challenges with cancer, is that she has started her own blog to share her experiences, as well as fundraising for the Princess Margaret Foundation. Her fundraising efforts have inspired her to create a video on You Tube with the hopes those who view the video will donate. How can we not donate? My hope is that for all of you who reads this blog post heeds her call and makes a donation.

 The reason why I comment about Carley Allison is because our lives are full of negativity and what has gone wrong. This young woman has met her challenge by using her talents to help others. What a refreshing perspective!

 How do you feel about Carley Allison sharing her challenges in life to help others? Are you willing to donate?

Her story and You Tube video can be found here:


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