Welcome 2nd Guest Blogger Jessi from Seriously Healthy Living!


Hello Blog-Readers!

I suppose I could formally identify myself as Jessica Bolzicco, a first year student at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM), and a Dean’s List graduate of Dalhousie University. During my undergrad I studied psychology and neuroscience and volunteered my time with the Dean of Science researching child development; additionally, I assisted a close friend of mine as he worked towards his PhD. We typically did research that involved facial recognition and brain function during specific tasks (this involved performing fMRIs and reading through raw data). I have always been passionate about my academics, determined to become a heart surgeon…but as the years progressed, a passion for naturopathic medicine burned inside me. As I learned about healing herbs and oils I began to make medicinal products like salves, liniments, and poultices. My family members benefited greatly from this! Medicine has always been my passion but before I was accepted to CCNM I took a course to become a doula – naturally, as many of my family members were having children, I became interested in natural childbearing and childbirth. In awe of how the human body can perform without aid (in many situations), I decided that becoming a medical doctor was no longer my path…My beliefs are firm: the human body can heal itself and there is more to our life than the mere physical world we live in. Now, I am not a religious person but I am very connected with others, I find myself “in-tune” with people, and I think it’s time that we become aware that we are a part of something bigger! Studying naturopathic medicine brings me joy, it connects me with others, and I want to share my journey with those who feel compelled to listen!

If you’d like you can contact me you can do so through Facebook…please find me at Seriously Healthy Living or through my Twitter account @ByNaturalMeans

I look forward to writing information that you look forward to reading!

Yours in health,

Jessi B.


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