Introducing Silvia Farache-Howard.. our new guest blogger!


My name is Silvia Farache. I am going to be 44 years old next month and I couldn’t be happier!

I have been a Canadian citizen since 1975. My parents, my siblings, and I immigrated to Canada for a better chance at life — so far, so good! I am the youngest of three children and have typical overprotective European parents. My Canadian husband, Chris calls them “My Big Fat Spanish Family”

I was married to a traditional man who my parents approved of, and have three amazing boys from my first marriage. I have since remarried a wonderful Canadian boy — that took some adjusting to by my parents. They now love him very much!!

I used to be a stay at home mom when my boys were small, but after my divorce I found that my part-time aerobics instructor job was not cutting it.

I took on many odd jobs to make ends meet, while I looked for a full time job. It took a few years before I landed what I thought was my dream job.  I worked in the accounting department as a payables clerk for a charity. I used to love working there. The environment was friendly and I felt that I was doing the world a bit of good because it was for a good cause.

Unfortunately, many changes took place during my employment. Managers and directors came and went, and I felt like I was left in a hostile environment. I was also dealing with severe depression. I cannot begin to count how many times I used to run into the bathroom stall and pray that no one heard me cry.

A large number of the obstacles in my past led me to writing. I welcome you to join me on this journey that we all call life!

As it turns out, I can only find true meaning in my life by sharing my life experiences with other people, particularly women.

I am here to write and to share some of my stories so that no one feels isolated. We will journey together to see why things happen. Maybe even look for universal truths and meanings. We are all human beings after all.

I have learned the hard way that there is not a lot of time to be fraudulent in the way you live your life. You must live your truth.

I now accept that I am not that girl in an office accepting subordinate and bullying behavior. I can handle responsibility with great ease, but tremble at the thought of someone having mood swings in order to make a dollar.

Respect is fragile and should be taken quite seriously in the work environment.

Should depression or any other form of mental illness be considered something that one needs to deal with on their own? Or is this part of a bigger issue that hasn’t been addressed in the work place?



  1. A very well written article, Silvia. I am so proud of you and your endurance during your painful searches in life. I hope that you can find that perfect niche to call your very own. We all need to be identified. I love you very much.
    Your sister.

    1. Thank you very much Vicki!!!
      The truth is that we all need to identify with our stories because they are so universal.
      I feel blessed to have been given this opportunity to reach out. My gift in turn would be to touch someone’s heart.

      Thank you again

    1. Thank you so much Renee!
      I appreciate your support
      One of these days I will have to write a blog about how I made my very first friend in Canada!
      That was you!!

  2. Sylvia, I love your article. Love your courage.
    Last year, I made a goal to write for the sake of women. To make a woman understand that the secret place where she hurts herself injures the rest of the world in a profound way. Why? Because she was brought to earth for a reason and she has to find and use her purpose in life to live. Once a woman lives with her purpose, nothing touches her. That private place, which is, inside of her skull, will be full and filled, and no little or large issue will sway her.
    Because she is Fulfilled! Fulfilling her purpose actually stirs up a lot of negative currents and disruptive elements will reveal themselves, but really, it just means people are deciding whether they want to respect you and so how you retaliate will tell them that they should. Women steer away from their goals when this happens because their protective mothering instinct wants to not hurt anyone. To please everyone. To not rock the boat, so to speak.
    However, most of the angst in a woman’s life, I find, is because she does not follow her heart to use her abilities to take her spirit to where she must go, so the experiences she faces are dire, and believe or not, it is life that whips her because life wants to move her to DO SOMETHING!
    I would love to share my writing here: Read and comment, on Facebook at Tasnim’s Purpose or on the blog,
    All the best, Sylvia. Love what you are doing.
    Tasnim Jivaji

    1. Thank you so much for your loving support Tasnim! It means a lot to me that you were drawn to my article and that you took the time to respond to me.
      I will be following your blog too!!!!

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