Transit Will Cost You

Today’s Globe and Mail describes a Metrolinx consultation with the general public on how additional taxes should be levied to fund Metrolinx transit expansion.

Metrolinx needs another $34-billion in order to fund the next round of transit projects. According to a public consultation on how additional funds should be raised, a number of people suggested that a small increase in sales tax would be the quickest and fairest way to raise the most money. ther fund raising ideas include increasing property taxes, toll roads and parking levies.

Clearly these consultations being put out there to the general public because the funding has to come from somewhere. Bradford GO Train riders as well as those across the GO network were hit with fare increases as of February 1st.

Transit is getting very expensive, but also know that transit improvements are desperately needed.

By the way, local transit service still has not been resolved for those needing this service. According to a local newspaper, a two year implementation plan is in place at a cost of $70,000 for consulting services.

Transit expansion could become an election issue. I think the best way to see if the public is willing to pay for transit expansion is through referendum. That way, we can ask those in all areas of the Province how they feel about paying for transit expansion in the GTA.

How do you feel about asking the public a funding question in the form of a referendum?


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