Community Improvement Plan Needs Stakeholder Support

In my opinion, the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury has taken bold steps to declare Artesian and Reagens Industrial Parks as areas requiring a Community Improvement plan (CIP).

A Community Improvement plan (CIP) is designed to target areas desperately need rehabilitation, development and redevelopment. According to our local newspaper, the current vacancy stands at 56%, which in my opinion is unacceptable. If you think as a citizen of our town this does not affect you, think again. It does. If capacity was closer to 100%, there would be more employment opportunities available locally.

The newspaper article focused on ideas on what incentives the town could provide. I would like to point out what the town absolutely cannot do so everyone is informed.

• Giving or lending money, or municipal property

• Leasing or selling any municipal property at below fair market value

• Guaranteeing borrowing.

• Giving a total or partial exemption from any levy, charge or fee.

The CIP will become successful if the community stands behind this idea. The town has already identified the need by defining what the community plan is. The second phase is to build stakeholder support, from local businesses, and the general public. Workshops, open houses, and steering committees need to be formed to engage feedback. Last but not least, the public needs to see the benefits.

Do you support a CIP for the Artesian and Reagens Industrial Parks?



  1. Carlos – I fully support the CIP for our Artesians and Reagens Industrial parks along with the Downtown. In my mind Town has heard the concerns our business community and took this initiative. Now the business community needs to take advantage of it and start to generate much needed employement for BWG. I often hear our residents saying that their residential property taxes are high and we need more commercial / industrial / business development to offset some of the burden on the residential tax base. I thank you for doing your part and making the public aware of the CIP. Thank you!

    1. Raj I appreciate your comments. The reason why this blog exists in the first place is to provide insight about town issues in a non biased manner and the utmost objectivity. I fully support the idea of a CIP, and applaud the town for taking on a leadership role. Your apart of the leadership. I knew we voted for a fabulous councillor.

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