Online marketing pitfalls your small business should avoid

I found a very interesting article that has hints and tips to help your small business succeed in terms of marketing on the Internet and what pitfalls to avoid. I have noticed a number of small businesses who have willingly have chosen the Internet to generate sales. I have a few hints and tips for consideration that may help.

The interesting and very relevant observation is traffic to your web site does not mean you will get sales. The classic “target market” definition applies here. Simply put, target marketing is the idea of getting your product noticed to those who will use your product or service. For example, if you are a skin care clinic in Bradford, your first targeted market should be the locals, and the second is those who you can attract from the vicinity that could use your service. Product differentiation is also a consideration. In your marketplace, how is your product or service different than your competitors?

The other theme I found relevant is that social marketing is easy. It’s not easy. The idea that really touched home with me is the idea of return on your investment. Social networking is not free. Businesses hire social media coordinators to spread the word on Facebook groups, and twitter, for example. The return on investment comes into play because you need human resources to post, creat pages, and other advertising. Hiring a coordinator costs money. Consider the return you may obtain on your time and money before you embark on a social media strategy. Free isn’t really free! High social media statistics does not immediately translate into sales.

We all know small businesses have constraints. Human resources is not free. Consider your effort versus your return on investment before you utilize the internet and social media.

For other hints and tips, please reference the article in the link below.

Referenced Article


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