3D Printing as a Business Solution for your small business

A recent article in the Toronto Star touted 3D Printing technology as a potential solution to small business competitiveness. What makes 3D printing really interesting is in its practical application. This technology will change your perspective with regards to printing forever. In a nutshell, 3D printing uses the layering of layers to print material by way of a printer’s digital technology.

The benefits to small business are literally endless. Small businesses can use 3D printing technology for example to design prototypes of products without sending designs oversees to countries like China. 3D printing creates effective short run short run production of product prototypes. Short run productions especially in short runs allows businesses to find and fix defects immediately. This means less resign changes and waiting for another prototype.

3D technology will also help our local economy, by allowing for small scale manufacturing remaining local. Business benefit by decreased costs for producing prototypes, shortened product development cycles, and will boost creativity. Most importantly, our intellectual capital stays were it should be – right here in Bradford! Growth of 3D printing has been stellar. The compound growth rate was 29.4% in 2011, and a 26.4% growth rate average in over 20 years. A Globe and Mail article references a forecast Colorado-based Wohlers Associates Inc will reach sales of products and services of $3.7-billion worldwide by 2015 and up to $6.5-billion by 2019. Is this a technology you will consider to make your business efficient and more competitive in the marketplace?


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