Remembering our fallen soldiers everyday!

Our very own hometown Canadian soldier Sapper Brian Collier died July 20, 2010 on assignment in Afghanistan. Collier belonged to the Unit 1 Combat Engineer Regiment. His information about his death was found in the archive of the Canadian Heros web site for fallen soldiers. The web site keeps fallen soldiers memories alive, by honoring soldiers who have been killed in action. An IED bomb claimed Collier’s life, at the age of 24. What a terrible way to end life.

A funeral was held on July 29th of that year here in Bradford, which was attended by his friends, family and members of our community. I had never met Collier prior to his dealth, but managed to find more about who he was as a person. Collier was a real fan of sports, and was known for his adventurous side. Skydiving, white water rafting, was not unknown to him. Collier was also known for ending conversations with his family simply saying the words, “I love you”. Collier from my understanding was a very well liked man who was proud of where he came from. Even though i never met him, I finally understood what his personality must have been like.

Collier was honoured by our town by having a name named in his honor. A new stretch of road was named after Collier between the library and the recreation centre. The road is in the pulse of our community. Families frequent the road daily, attending the many programs offered in these facilities. The road is a gentle reminder that Collier is still here, and still very much apart of our community.

Every Rememberance Day, a parade is takes place to honor our fallen soldiers and is organized by our local Canadian legion. Collier was honored as part of the parade festivities.

You may be wondering why I decided to write about a fallen Canadian soldier now, and not on Rememberance Day. The answer is simple. The town wanted us to remember Collier every single time we drive on the road named after him. I think we should not remember Collier on just one single day each year. It’s about remembering everyday.


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