What Stats Can says about us!

Thought just for fun I would look at the Census Canada statistics conducted for the year 2011. I found some really interesting statistics about our town. Here’s a sampling of what I found and my commentary:

Total Bradford population increased from 24,039 in 2006 to 28,077 in 2011, an increase of just over 8%.

Not really surprised at this statistic. The new home building in town as been going on for several years, and will increase again in the next census.

Bradford makes up just over 6% of the total population of Simcoe County. (Roughly 28,000 of 446,000).

Think about this statistic. We represent a fraction of all of Simcoe County’s population. Too small to make a huge impact at the County level.

There are more females living in Bradford than males. The difference on a percentage basis is less than 1%. This statistic also applies to Simcoe County as a whole, as well!

Very surprised about this statistic. Who knew there are more females than males? Interesting statistic, to say the least.

The majority live in single households that make up two persons. 3,375 out of 8,215 live in single dwelling households.

This statistic may be because most people who are buying tend to be younger and they purchased a home (dwelling) to have a family.

Only 20 people in all of Bradford live in “Movable dwellings”.

Perhaps this type of dwelling belongs in the Marsh?



  1. WOW im shocked by some of that.. i do agree there are more women .. from what i see..i couscous to see what the stats say for 2013 on how many people live in Bradford then .

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