Music & Small Towns

Living in a small town like ours is about the experience. You may be thinking what I am referring to when it comes to experiencing Bradford. The experience is doing things around town such as walking around our downtown core. Its talking a walk around the marsh at harvest time. It’s about walking on the old streets and visiting the old homes and discovering their history.

I think that recognizing small towns on Canada as our home that we should be proud of is missing from our Canadian culture. We never say how good we have it here in Bradford!

Music translates the feeling of small towns into emotions. There are many songs about small towns. I have chosen a couple of songs to illustrate the pride and emotions we should all feel:

John Cougar Melloncamp’s “Small Town”

This song points out about the simplicity of small town living. We can breathe clean air in a small town. Not possible in a big city. Educated in a small town. Enjoying the company of friends in a small town, and that’s all fine with him!

Glass Tiger’s “My Town”

This song I think speaks to more of the romance of small towns. The song sings about leaving the small town, but the small town feeling never let his heart. The small town is like the wind to carry him over, leading home to his town! My goodness if half of us felt this way, we would all be better members of our community!!

Both songs sing about the love of their small towns. Small towns that they are proud to live in. We need more of that kind of pride right here in Bradford. Let’s start creating positive emotions about our very special small town!

Small Town Lyrics



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