Innisfil losing gravy train!

Innisfil will lose slot revenues as of March this year as part of the OLG plan to what they call “modernizing gaming” in Ontario. My question to OLG is, what if the people of the province like things the way they are? Innisfil should get a Casino, in my opinion. Closing slot host sites
will cost people much needed jobs. A grand Casino does create jobs in the big city, but we need jobs outside the greater Toronto area. Our local newspaper, the Times, says that Innisfil will lose 4.2 million a year as a result of a host site lost. That is lost revenue Innisfil will find difficult to replace.

And let’s not forget this will damage the horse racing industry, both in job losses and to the horses. At stake is over 30,000 jobs. Now, us the taxpayer, we face costs to retain all these people and will cost our economy billions of dollars. The race tracks and slots where revenue generators. Now our tax dollars will now have to support the change. Does this make sense to you? By the way, if the horse industry goes down the drain, what happens to the horses? Did you know that 13,000 horses potentially could be destroyed? A mass slaughter of all these horses could happen right away if the horse racing industry collapses. All this doesn’t add up!

I have found several links for your review:

Horse Racing

Racing Commissioner

times article



  1. Not so fast. You’ve got half the story. OLG is signing new Municipality Contribution Agreements (MCA) with towns like Innisfil. It comes into force on April 1 when the old agreements expire. The OLG website says. “Under the new Agreement, funding to municipalities will be based on total revenues generated from slot machines, rather than on the total number or mix of machines at a given location.”
    How horse racing will be funded is still an open question, though.

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