Introducing Cakes N’ Things!

Cakes N’ Things is a local Bradford business. They make custom cakes tailor made just for you!

According to their Facebook page, this husband and wife team loved baking which lead them to the masterful art of cake decorating.

Cakes N’ Things can custom make a cake for you within your theme in mind and within your budget. Cakes start as low as $80 dollars.

Desserts are also a specialty. Some resent creations include: Arroz doce and Tarte de Pastel.

Let’s have a look at their creations. I’m sure you’ll be impressed!

Cake and Cupcakes

Present Cake

If you are interested in ordering cake from one of Bradford’s best cake decorators, please
contact Milene or Valter Ferraria at 416-319-7545 or 416-358-7176 or via e-mail at



  1. Really…and have you actually bought from them? Have you tried all of the others in town to make that determination? You are throwing some heavy weight behind your blog thinking that you can categorize a company as the best…when in essence they may not be and its just your opinion……meanwhile by claiming they are the best you just pissed every other company off that is in the same market simply because there is no evidence to prove your conclusion about this company.

    1. We have a lot of talent in town when it comes to cake decorating. The level of talent is amazing, to think that for such a small place there are good alternatives out there. As for the business I am promoting, yes, i have tried their cakes several times actually. They have great feedback by people who bought the product. To all the other businesses in the same area of expertise, I am sure you do a fine job too! Congrats to every business in this category. Hats off to you all, your simply the best! 🙂

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