Is Bradford’s Slogan memorable?

City and town slogans can help to characterize a civic identity. Slogans are used to be a magnet attracting people to a community because the nickname is very alluring. Slogans are used to help define the location, in a fun memorable way. It markets the city or town and what it has to offer the world.

From a Canadian perspective, the most memorable slogan I recall ever was from the City of Vaughan, Ontario. The City of Vaughan came up with a creative idea when thinking about how to generate economic activity to their community. Their marketing campaigns, in a brainy way sought to move toward a plan to get businesses out of Toronto and into their community. Thus, the slogan “City above Toronto, the city of Vaughan” was born. Fantastic! It was very successful in getting industry to locate in Vaughan. I still remember the jingle. Now that’s staying power!

What are the ingredients needed to make a memorable slogan? There are four key ingredients, according to what I have researched. They are listed below, in no particular arrangement:

1. Slogans need to have an attribute – in other words, does it express a character or style?
2. Slogans need a clear message – Is it clever and fun?
3. Slogans need to be different – Is the slogan unique?
4. Slogans need to spawn interest – Does the slogan want you to find out more about the place?

I’ve selected American and Canadian slogans as examples to test the four key traits above. Do the slogans below have the right mix of ingredients to be successful? I’ll let you be the judge.

American Slogans:

• Cleveland Rocks
• Only in San Francisco
• What happens here, stays here
• The city that never sleeps

My favorite is “The city that never sleeps”. It’s of course New York! I’m sure you know where “What happens here, stays here” comes from!

Canadian Slogans:

• Flower City – Brampton
• The Hammer – Hamilton
• Canada’s Motor City – Oshawa
• The Soo – Sault Ste.Marie

“The Hammer” is very memorable and very different. I’ve heard many others mention this slogan several times. I think it’s very effective.

Have your say. Do you think Bradford is good as it is, or should be changed? How would you rate Bradford’s logo against the four key ingredients versus my ratings to make a slogan successful? Contribute a comment. If you like the post, like the page. If you like Bradford Cares a lot, please follow us so you never miss a post!



  1. Maybe something to do with the farming heritage?
    Bradford A town with strong roots.
    Bradford A great place to grow

  2. About 6 years ago, the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury went through a branding and marketing exercise, including public involvement. A tagline was adopted that ultimately recognized the Town’s farming background and the upcoming growth. “A Growing Tradition” You can see it on the Town’s website, signage, and stationary. Cheers!

    1. Thanks for your comment. But I think six years is a very long time. Our community has changed so much since then. It also does nit address the towns new urbanism. We are now more than a farming community. I think the slogan should be at least reviewed by council.

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