How you can get a degree without leaving your home

It’s a new year. Some are settling resolutions, such as eating better and exercising. These are all noble activities, as local stores and fitness facilities can help you get to your goal better than ever before. For the few who have chosen to go back to school, even part time find it challenging to say the least. The closest schools if you seek a higher level education are not so close. If you work in downtown Toronto, you would have to stay downtown until at least 9pm and then drive all the way home. Not so appealing.

And if you have children, staying in Toronto is not an option. Traditional classrooms don’t work for most working folks.

Most jobs these days however require some sort of formal education. If you don’t have one, chances are you won’t be completive in today’s marketplace. What is the solution? The answer is easy. Enroll in anonline degree! Over the past few years, there’s been literally an explosion of online offerings! Online learning is great for those who are determined. Completing an online course however is not as easy as you think. From my experience, online courses are much tougher than traditional in class courses. Online courses assume that you have read the textbook, and actually understand the material. Usually groups are formed in class, where you can talk about what you have read. I must admit, after some of the readings I did not fully understand the material. Most students don’t fully understand the material either, which is why the discussion groups are for.

Usually a case study or assignment is due, usually towards the midpoint of the course. There’s also a final exam, at the end of the course, which will require the only onsite visit at the campus. This varies with each educational institution, so make sure you review their web site and call the University if you need further clarification.

Next is the daunting task of finding and searching through the internet maze to find a program that is right for you. Here’s a good starting point. Canadian Virtual University (CVU) as per the CVU web site is to “specialize in online and distance education, and collaborating to increase access to quality assured university education”. All Universities listed are all members of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC). They list undergraduate, professional, certificate, and graduate degrees.

Please visit for more information.


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