Save Auld Kirk and keep its memories alive!

Auld Kirk always fascinated me ever since I moved to Bradford. It is located on a dirt rural road, away from all the new subdivisions built over the past twenty odd years. The site consists of a church and a grave site. Kind of creepy especially in the dead of winter. I quickly went home to research all about the treasure I found that day. I never really thought i would never see a place like Auld Kirk in my lifetime. I thought that all buildings in the area were new. Of course, I was mistaken and very curious, so i pressed on.

The Auld Kirk, was built as part of a Scottish settlement in 1815. The church served as the centre of the community of the day. The church looks like something I saw on the TV show, “Little House on the Praire”. I can imagine in my mind a young family walking to the Church for weekly mass. My have times changed since then. The sermons were spoken in the Scottish Gaelic language. Religion was also important to the setters which is why the church was built. Soon, according to historical information I found, religious ceramonies were performed. The Church also served as a school during the winter months.

Auld Kirk is a photographers dream. Beautiful by day, and glorious at night. It remains almost untouched by all the building within just a couple of kilometers.

And now my town owns the land and the church. What should the role be of this site?

Auld Kirk friends


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