Are we at risk at losing our local police force?

Metropolitan Police car
Metropolitan Police car (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We all know inflation increases every year, and our taxes increases along with it. Small towns such as ours are coming to grips with how to deal with escalating costs. One way to save money is to have the OPP do the policing for us. In other words, outsource this function to the provincial level. We share policing services with Innisfil.

Outsourcing policing is not just a local issue. It is a national issue across Canada. According to a Toronto Star article, six Ontario towns have asked the OPP for cost estimates. Others are thinking of following suit. But if we lose our local police force, we lose the added services and now just become part of what I think is a big, provincial machine. I wonder if this issue is important enough to affect local voting in the next town elections. In the end, it’s up to us to speak up and let our concerns be known. There are potential cost savings to be had. Municipal policing costs almost twice the amount for local policing.

Outsourcing local policing while saving costs, also requires less administration, and less police officers. But at what expense? We all know governments are strapped for cash. Do we risk the decrease of services for the sake of cost savings?

Joining a larger operation can reduce costs including administration, dispatch and specialized officers like homicide detectives. Several communities can be policed out of a single OPP detachment, allowing extra officers to respond to nearby areas if needed and to provincial duties on highways, waterways and provincial parks. Are we just another municipality or do we have specialized needs? Sometimes, a cookie cutter style solution isn’t a one size fits all. Personally, the South Simcoe police force I think does a good job in keeping our communities safe.



  1. Right on point; at the moment I can think of 4 municipal police departments that have either merged with county resources or the state police in USA (PA&NJ). after reading your post I am quite un-easy with the thought that this may become a public safety crisis throughout N. America,

    1. Thanks for your response. I am surprised that this issue is not just a Canadian one, it also applies to the United States. Funding will always be an issue so merging always seems like the right action to take.

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