Easter Tips for family fun and enjoyment

Plan your Easter celebration with these tips from Bradford Cares that we have put together for you and your family to enjoy. Enjoy this post.

How about…Setting the Table With Love and Kindness?

Enjoy the spirit of the Easter season by bringing freshness cheer and spring decor to your table. These Easter table-setting ideas will work well for hosting a brunch or dinner this weekend. We really hope they inspire you! Have you decided what you’ll serve on this beautifully decorated table? This list of delicious Easter recipes should help. Remember to work off all those extra calories by going for a walk with your children if the weather is nice.

Keeping your children entertained is of paramount importance. There’s no doubt that kids love Easter, and we parents must start with some introductions of new traditions !Chocolate treats, the Easter Bunny, Easter egg hunts – what’s not to love? We’ve come up some unique idea and inspiring ways to make this weekend extra special for the little ones. And memorable for us parents!

Start off by playing a Game. Whether you set up a family board game or try something new, the kids will love laughing and enjoying the quality time spent together. Why not try a game of Easter Bingo? All you have to do is print out this Easter Bingo game and use jellybeans as game pieces. What better way to spend family time together! And it’s not expensive either.

Put a Spin on the Easter Egg Hunt, and have fun at the same time!

The Easter egg hunt is often the main event for kids. This year, why not get creative with the hunt? A great idea for all ages is to have a colour coded egg hunt. Simply assign each child with his or her own colour before it begins. You’ll love watching their excitement and teamwork. Another great idea for the younger ones is to have them “plant” jellybeans by sprinkling them in the yard the night before Easter. Go outside after they are asleep and plant lollipops in the place of the jellybeans. The looks on their faces will be priceless! Check out this list of 20 creative ideas for the family Easter egg hunt and have fun with it!

This weekend is also a great time to freshen up the look of your indoor decor with some colourful accents for spring. Have a look at some of these Easter and spring inspired home décor ideas.

Don’t forget to take plenty of photos. Get a photo album together and share the experience with your family. What better way to remember a Easter weekend of fun!!

Happy Easter to you and your family!


Easter eggs and children traditions


For those of you who celebrate Easter, many of you I am sure will do or have already done painting of Easter Eggs with your children. I remember from my childhood days, getting up after breakfast and painting eggs. That’s why when I came across pictures of the eggs I knew I just had to write about it this morning for you to enjoy and perhaps, even comment on this post as well.

However, we must realize what the significance of the Easter Egg is actually. The Easter Egg symbolizes the death of Jesus Christ. More specifically, his empty tomb. By carrying on this age old tradition, Christians are honoring him. And so they should. What a great way to teach children about their faith in a way they can relate to!!

Another tradition is to have eggs spread around several homes on the street and have children find them. The Easter bunny will of course be very generous and have placed several eggs within easy reach! :)

Have a happy Easter everyone and enjoy quality time with your children!!

Thanks loyal followers

Just a quick blog post tonight as I have been busy. I thank you, the readers of this blog for over 300 views in the last couple of days. With these viewings at Bradford Cares, we have been able for the first time push our total views over 9,000! That is incredible for a niche blog like ours! Our little town only has a small population so for us the numbers are huge.

Thank you loyal followers thank you !!

East side of Bradford residents deserve more!

I think the east side of Bradford deserves better. They have seen in the past few years especially, stores head over to the newer side of town. Yes, it’s the west side of town that’s getting all the action. I must admit, I live on the west side of town. But to be honest, I envy those who live on the east side. Let me tell you why.

Recently, I paid a visit to someone living near the downtown core. The street was appealing. The home, although on the smaller side, has character. I instantly found an inner peace because as I was driving around that neighborhood, it reminded me of homes filled with character and not those that are what I call cookie cutter homes. The homes on the west side, basically look the same. Those on the east side have different shapes and sizes and have much larger lots. With the larger lots is the decreased population density. I bet the people living in that area have been thee for decades. Yet the businesses have deserted them. How fair is that? To have them have to all of a sudden have to drive or walk further to get to what they need on a daily basis – hardly fair !

Even the light posts cater to the west. The light posts are new, shiny and gleaming while if you enter on the east side from bridge street onto Holland, the light posts aren’t so new. They provide light. Nothing glamorous. Nothing flashy. It’s just blah. Again, hardly fair.

This blog post is not about causing a rift between the east and west part of town. It’s about equality. If I lived in the east end of town, I would ask what could be done to bring the east section of town back to life!!

Innisfil blogger seeks tools to evaluate their council

Our friends in Innisfil have their very own blog that I do read on occasion. They have done up with an idea on how they can measure the performance of other municipalities and use it to compare with themselves. They do cite some limitations but the author has come up with ways on how to bridge this gap. The reason why I am bringing up this blog post is because I was hoping to find a similar approach to evaluate or at least get some insight on how our council is doing.

I would like to add though that I am generally a positive onlooker of the town affairs. I think they are going along a solid path and have some good ideas, as you can tell from my pervious posts. Have a look at the post and let me know what you think.


Should publicily owned facilities serve up fatty foods?

Anyone craving a fatty burger? How about some French fries with your burger? Onion rings? A milk shake for desert, perhaps? We can get these tasty treats anywhere, like some famous fast food outlets that frankly don’t need more publicity. However, should they be made available at public facilities such as recreation centres, for example?
A medical article I found really last weekend highlighted the issue of fatty foods being made available to young children. This particular article highlighted the need for public facilities to promote healthy eating choices. In Ottawa, a public facility in that part of Ontario has taken some first steps to phasing out fatty foods like burgers and fries, and have replaced with healthier alternatives after a complaint was made by a doctor.
I didn’t really give the article much more thought until I went to a local public facility. I noticed over the weekend at our local recreation facility (which is mighty fine by the way) that they had all sorts of great tasty (and fatty, by the way) treats, from a bag a chips to ice cold smoothies. I loved the convenience of being able to get myself a coffee and a muffin while I took in the activities taking place in the complex. The caffeine woke me up and made me perky and lively. The muffin had the sugar fix I needed to get my day going. I felt great.
Unfortunately, most of the food choices were what I think are fatty, and did not offer healthy foods especially where our youth play sports. I personally fell into the trap (although willingly) of getting a chocolate muffin which is loaded with sugar! But I made that choice and I am an adult. But what about young children? Is it the responsibility of our public facilities to be more responsible than those that are privately operated? Do public institutions whatever they may be have a social responsibility to provide healthier, more nutritious foods? What role to parents play? Or should we the general public, be able to buy whatever we want in public facilities even though they are fatty and could lead our children to be obese adults? What is the point of our children going to play sports when we reward them with a fatty treat after their event or sporting pursuit? Should we praise or complain to our officials about fatty foods being sold? Does the conventional notion of supply and demand apply in this case?
Have your say right here, at Bradford Cares.

Innovation is refreshing!

I had a little chuckle when I read today’s business headlines to read that a major manufacturer has made national headlines by adding an additional 75 new jobs due to an expansion of their operations. I’m not laughing at the company by any means. I think that job creation for the Province of Ontario, in an era of shrinking manufacturing is no laughing matter. The company has taken what I call a bold approach in assuming that their product will do well. Frankly, it’s an approach I wish local businesses would take to help grow Bradford’s job base. That’s why I chucked, even only if for a spilt second. I wished that those jobs would have been created in our town instead of our friendly neighbours to the south.

To that point about job creation, the company who created the jobs cited “innovation” as the key motive. They probably had a business plan, and as a result now are executing against it. Still, whatever process they followed, it’s refreshing to see companies using the word “innovation” instead of other lovely terms like “downsizing”, “rightsizing” and “readjusting”, “realigning” etc the word list can go on forever.

Can the word “innovation” be used to describe a local business who is about to expand?

Transit system to accommodate GO Transit riders

800px mont tremblant ligne orange

800px mont tremblant ligne orange

The commuters of this fine town, who travel far and wide to attain an income that cannot be had here finally have received some justice. According to an article published in last week’s Bradford Times, GO Train commuters will now be able to obtain transportation to and from the GO Train station from their respective homes.
Although I do not ride the GO Train any longer, I feel for those travelling and needing (and quite often asking.. )for these services. Hundreds of people travel on the line, heading down to Toronto in the morning rush, and head home to Bradford. They take the much needed income and spend it in town at our local shops. And I cheer the town for finally taking these people seriously. The cost of the ride will be fifty cents, and will feature a drop off at the taxi service where the company will bring people to their homes. This in my opinion is a respectable and good solution utilizing town businesses and resources in town.
The initial rollout will not feature the service to commuters, but from my understanding is up and coming and will be implemented soon.  I’m hoping to read more about this initiative in the coming weeks.
Just as a side note – I am quite often a positive cheerleader for the town and what it has done to date to help all of our residents. Jobs still remains a major issue which needs to still be resolved.  Perhaps this can be a discussion item for one of my upcoming future posts. Until then, thank you so much for reading my blog posts. It’s fun to comment about town issues.  I wish I had more time to devote and talk about it in more detail, unfortunately it’s a nonpaying gig and my paid work comes first and foremost important is my family.
Until next time, ciao for now.. and thanks again for reading about Bradford through this wonderful blog I call, “Bradford Cares”.

Child Care lacking substance

I never thought finding quality child care in town would be so difficult. Being part of a growing town like ours, I knew when I moved here that finding services would be challenging. For example, before our recreation Centre opened, I traveled all the way to Newmarket to swim, find medical services, and even shop. Well, finding quality child care is not something that I wish not to travel too far out of town to acquire.
Child care centers from what I can tell us in short supply. The ones that exist are good facilities. We are still missing a Montessori school which I knew was about to be opened in the old post office but never materialized. I think that the young families moving in town will be frustrated because when they move in to their lovely home, the parents will realize quick that some of the basics still don’t exist. Child care is not a want, it is a need and should be plentiful and abundant.
The councillors and Mayor have done a lot for us, but their job is not done by any means. Perhaps a town run day care would make a good election platform?